ITEC 2017

May 09, 2017

ITEC 2017 is Europe’s premier industry conference showcasing the latest innovations in simulation and training. The show gives attendees the chance to see how militaries around the world use simulation for training and offers industry leaders a chance to discuss future developments in the industry. 

Bohemia Interactive Simulations will have a significant presence at the show, demonstrating new capabilities in its flagship simulation software VBS3 and new VBS-based simulation products for a range of military simulation and training applications. 

Visit BISim and partners at Stand #24. 


At ITEC 2017, BISim and partners will showcase a range of new products, capabilities and training applications at stand #24. These include the following demonstrations:

VR-based helicopter

A VR-based helicopter door gunnery simulation developed in partnership with Cursive Simulation. Using VBS3 and its VR capabilities, the demonstration will showcase VBS3’s flexibility to simulate all elements of the training environment, from blades of grass to entity behaviours to the gunner’s eye view. 

A new VR-based Stryker part task trainer using BISim’s whole-earth rendering engine VBS Blue. Users view the virtual environment with an Oculus Rift CV1 headset and their hands are tracked by Leap Motion so that they can flip switches and press buttons within the high-fidelity crew station. The simulation also uses SA Simulation’s host for the vehicle physics model and vehicle systems. 

A high fidelity CV 9040 part task trainer in VBS3 for the Swedish Armed Forces, providing virtual panels that can be manipulated through touchscreen devices. Working closely with the customer, BISim is recreating the systems of the CV 9040 down to the last detail, giving gunners and commanders the capability to turn knobs, toggle dials and flip switches as they behave in the actual vehicle. 

VR-based cv9040 part task trainer

The latest in VBS Control, BISim’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence creation toolkit. VBS Control offers greater flexibility than the native AI in VBS3, allowing you to customize doctrinal behaviors that match your doctrinal maneuvers. 

The latest advances in its whole-earth rendering technology VBS Blue at ITEC’s Innovation Showcase. See how VBS Blue uses global data sources to produce geographically accurate terrain by blending traditional and  procedural techniques. 


Military User Group Briefing

BISim will hold two user briefings at ITEC on Wednesday, May 17. The meetings will be held on Wednesday in Docks 5 & 6 upstairs in the Ahoy. 

Serving members of the military are invited to our VBS3 User Briefing, which will be held on Wednesday, May 17, from 1330 - 1500. The meeting will review the latest product developments for VBS products. Register to attend.

System integrators and commercial developers in the mil-sim industry are invited to attend our VBS IG User Briefing on Wednesday, from 1500 - 1630. The briefing will cover the development roadmap for VBS IG and showcase the latest progress on BISim’s whole-earth rendering technology VBS Blue. Register to attend.

Beers of the World

Wednesday, May 17, 1700 - 1930, at Stand #24

Join BISim staff and booth partners for a sampling of beers of the world. 

BISim VP Oli Arup

Innovation Showcase 

Thursday, May 18, starting at 1145 

As part of ITEC’s Innovation Showcase series, BISim’s Vice President of Product Management Oli Arup will show how VBS Blue uses global data sources to produce geographically accurate terrain by blending traditional and  procedural techniques. We will also show VBS Blue rendering ultra-high resolution aerial imagery and other common data sources, and how MaterialMAP from TerraSim can be used to further refine procedural data in VBS Blue by combining the realism of high resolution imagery with the benefits of procedural terrain rendering.

Booth Partners



TerraSim will demonstrate enhancements to the Distributed Processing plug-in for Batch Mode Manager and TerraTools, which allows multiple terrain tiles to be built simultaneously across a local network or cloud. TerraSim will also showcase the TerraTools VBS Bundle, the most powerful and capable software suite for VBS terrain generation. Visit us at Stand 24.

TerraSim Inc., a Bohemia Interactive Simulations company, is a leading geospatial technology company that develops advanced software solutions to automate the manipulation of geospatial source data, the generation of 3D terrain databases, and the export of those environments to the widest range of visual, constructive, and serious game runtimes in the industry.

For more information about TerraSim or our products, visit us on the web at or email us at [email protected].


SimCentric Technologies

SimCentric Technologies is an industry leader in the creation of software applications and development tools for military simulation and synthetic environment training. SimCentric’s unique procedural, behavioral and training support applications turn the quality “out of the box” VBS environment into tangible, relevant and scalable training outcomes. 

At ITEC, SimCentric is demonstrating our flagship VBS3 FiresFST Pro enabling full spectrum offensive fires, close air support and UAV vectoring capabilities. Augmenting this is our Ambience pattern of life generation tool enabling unprecedented realism in Collateral Damage Estimation and ROE application. Completing this configuration is our MediaMate smart device live streaming application simulating a UAV Rover 5 ISR feed in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) integration. A specific emphasis for ITEC 2017 will be demonstrating how incidents of Coalition fratricide and non-combatant collateral damage can be reduced through VBS3 FiresFST Pro visualization aides and procedural support features. Learn more at


Cursive Simulation

Founded in 2008, UK-based Cursive Simulation has worked successfully with numerous government agencies, prime defence contractors and specialist suppliers and has played a leading role in the development of training and simulation projects across the globe.  Whether your goal is to deliver high quality training across the enterprise in a realistic and flexible synthetic environment, or to test your real world designs with advanced scientific computing techniques, our agile team of professionals will work with to analyse your requirements and bring the solution into service. Learn more at

cursive simulations

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We would love to see you at ITEC. If you're going, please visit us at Stand #24, or email [email protected] to arrange a meeting with us. For media and press inquiries, please contact [email protected].