ITEC 2017 Photo Gallery

May 24, 2017

At this year's ITEC, BISim put the versatility of VBS on display for its European military customers and users. Thank you to all the delegates who visited our booth and experienced VBS for everything from helicopter gunnery training to armored part-task training to VR-based flight simulation.

Around the show, we had over a dozen other exhibitors showing VBS in various demonstrations, including QuantaDyn Corp. which showed VBS Blue IG at their booth on a 4-channel, 4-meter dome for a JTAC training scenario. Below is a photo gallery of ITEC. See you next year in Stuttgart, Germany, May 15-17.  

helicopter gunnery part-task trainer
computer image generator
JTAC trainer
military simulator
VBS3 military simulation
VBS3 Cursive helicopter gunnery trainer
Virtual reality flight simulator
part task trainer
whole-earth simulator
CV9040 part task trainer