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Total Control Over Your VBS AI

Jul 19, 2017

From VBS3 v17.3, BISim will include a VBS Control “Behavior Pack” — a package of artificial intelligence features — as time-limited, preview beta content. These include new civilian, convoy, and doctrine-typical infantry combat behaviors, all created with BISim’s VBS Control Editor.

The VBS Control Behavior Pack is available for purchase now, and BISim will continue to improve and add new AI behaviors in future VBS3 versions.  

“The main advantages of the VBS Control AI are predictability and reliability,” said Martin Kolombo, leader of the VBS Control development team.

Rolling out convoy behaviors

The Behavior Pack’s Convoy AI feature enables users to rapidly set up wheeled vehicle convoys with multiple waypoints on roads in VBS3. While convoy behaviors already exist in VBS3, the new AI maintain reliable spacings and are capable of handling complex road networks, including urban environments.

Users can easily configure spacing between vehicles, modify the AI shooting accuracy or control how AI entities react to contact. The feature also includes a display for estimated-time-of-arrival for convoys as well as automatic firing arcs assignment.

Simulating everyday people

Originally created for a French MOD training project, the Behavior Pack’s civilian AI feature offers urban pattern-of-life behaviors. Users can populate a scene with hundreds of civilian entities and progressively build more complex behaviors.

By placing AI Goal editor objects in the offline and real-time mission editors in VBS3, users can specify where AI will move and control where they spawn and disappear from the scenario. Scenario developers can also give reference points to AI entities so that they interact with objects, such as throwing away garbage, reading a poster, buying a ticket, or boarding a train. AI entities will react to gunfire and explosions, fleeing when threatened.

Control the fight

The Behavior Pack’s infantry combat AI feature provides new doctrine-typical, squad-level infantry behaviors. These behaviors include move, defend, move in column and assault. These AI interact with players and VBS3’s native AI entities. Because they are doctrine-typical (as opposed to doctrine-specific) behaviors, they are not export controlled and can be used by all customers.

Kolombo notes that the Behavior Pack is still a work in progress and additional improvements are planned for future development such as adding AI traffic and interaction with pedestrians, adding convoy behaviors for tracked vehicles, and developing vehicle tactical maneuvers.

Contact [email protected] to learn more about pricing.