BISim recently acquired and integrated the updated Chernarus terrain from Bohemia Interactive’s popular zombie apocalypse survival video game DayZ. spoke with Julian Saenger, BISim’s Lead Animation Engineer and Design Department alumni, who led the development effort to bring Chernarus to VBS3 and update the terrain for military training use in VBS3.  BISim: Describe...
At ITEC 2016 in London’s ExCeL Centre, we demonstrated a host of new technologies, including the latest updates to VBS Blue, our whole earth rendering technology, new tools for creating AI behaviors, and new features and capabilities for VBS3. Day 1 at ITEC 2016 Day 2 at ITEC 2016 Day 3 at ITEC 2016 Day 1 at ITEC 2016 A busy start to ITEC for BISim. We showcased a range...
At ITEC 2016, Bohemia Interactive Simulations is demonstrating the latest updates to its prototype planetary rendering technology called VBS Blue. This whole earth procedural terrain rendering engine is part of our next-generation open, modular, game-based architecture. In this video, BISim Co-CEO Pete Morrison provides a preview of the demonstration of VBS Blue coupled with the latest...
ITEC 2016 is Europe’s premier industry conference showcasing the latest innovations in simulation and training. The show gives attendees the chance to see how militaries around the world use simulation for training and offers industry leaders a chance to discuss future developments in the industry. Bohemia Interactive Simulations will have a significant presence at the show, demonstrating new...
Orlando, FL — The next VBS Military User Briefing will be held at ITEC 2016 on Wednesday, May 18, starting at 13:30 - 15:30, in South Gallery 3 and 4. The meeting is open only to active military personnel. Attendees can RSVP by registering online here. For the first time in several years, the meeting will be chaired by a military representative. The Netherlands Ministry of Defence and the...