BISim Highlights Flexibility of VBS Modular Game-Based Architecture at ITEC 2016 with MASA Sword-VBS Blue Integration

May 11, 2016
MASA Sword artificial intelligence VBS Blue whole-earth simulation

Orlando, FL — Bohemia Interactive Simulations, a global developer of simulation software, will demonstrate a new prototype integration of MASA SWORD, a command-staff constructive simulation, with its new VBS-based planetary rendering technology VBS Blue at ITEC 2016 in London.

The integration enables users to view MASA SWORD entities in VBS Blue. The VBS Blue scene generation and rendering technology is a modular component of the new VBS open architecture, which allows simulation and middleware technology to be rapidly integrated and deployed. The Blue-SWORD integration on display at ITEC was achieved in a few days’ time through the new architecture.

“VBS Blue is cutting-edge planetary rendering technology that will underpin future VBS-based products,” said Pete Morrison, Co-CEO of Bohemia Interactive Simulations. “VBS Blue provides high-fidelity and high-performance rendering from space down to blades of grass for all training applications. In parallel, we are developing a modular framework to allow our customers to quickly leverage VBS Blue in their applications, and we look forward to presenting this architecture to the simulation industry shortly.”

“We are pleased to see just how easy it is for both MASA SWORD and VBS technologies to be integrated within a common simulation and visualization for our customers,” said David Chouraqui, MASA Group CEO. “We hope that this integration helps to highlight new uses of MASA technologies.”

ITEC attendees can arrange to see the demo by contacting the BISim sales team at [email protected] or visiting our stand E110 from May 17 - 19 at the conference.


Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Founded in 2001, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation training solutions for military and civilian organizations. BISim utilizes the latest game-based technology and a large, experienced in-house team of engineers to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for military applications.

MASA Group

An international provider of advanced software solutions, Artificial Intelligence technologies and applied research with customers in more than 19 countries. Its flagship product, MASA SWORD, is a commercial off­-the-­shelf (COTS) solution developed in close relation with armies worldwide for their specific training needs. SWORD is an aggregated and automated constructive simulation used for training and analysis purposes.