May 10
  May 10 2017 Press Releases  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
BISim will demonstrate new capabilities in VBS3 and reveal state-of-the-art VBS technologies for artificial intelligence, terrain editing and whole-earth rendering at ITEC 2017 in Rotterdam, May 16 - 18, at Stand 24.
May 09
  May 09 2017 Event  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
ITEC 2017 is Europe’s premier industry conference showcasing the latest innovations in simulation and training. Bohemia Interactive Simulations will have a significant presence at the show, demonstrating new capabilities in its flagship simulation software VBS3 and new VBS-based simulation products for a range of military simulation and training applications.
May 08
  May 08 2017 Press Releases  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Systems Technology Inc. will demonstrate the newest version of its VR-based parachute training simulator PARASIM leveraging high fidelity virtual environments generated by TerraTools rendered by VBS3 from BISim at SOFIC 2017.
May 01
  May 01 2017 VBS In The News  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Fort McCoy's simulation facility used VBS3 as part of its role in training gunnery crews for the U.S. Army Reserve's Operation Cold Steel, the Reserve's first large-scale, live-fire training and crew-served weapons qualification and validation exercise.
Apr 04
  Apr 04 2017 VBS In The News  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Stars and Stripes recently reported on U.S. Army training at Grafenwoehr that uses VBS3 to prepare Stryker crews to operate a new variant of the infantry carrier vehicle before it's delivered next February. According to one Stryker driver quoted in the article, the virtual training allows drivers and crews to understand how the new vehicles perform differently from current vehicles.
Mar 29
  Mar 29 2017 VBS In The News  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
An article from War On the Rocks titled "Science Fiction No Longer: Enhancing Military Readiness through Synthetic Training" reviews the value of live-virtual-constructive training for enhancing military readiness.
Mar 20
  Mar 20 2017 VBS In The News  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
A post from the SEI Blog discusses a project to connect combined arms virtual training and cyber training. The project was led by the CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and integrates their software for cyber training with VBS3 for combined arms training.
Mar 02
  Mar 02 2017 BISim News  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
BISim recently spoke about the Swedish Armed Forces procurement of the Chernarus terrain for Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3) with Cpt. Anders Jakobsson, who is System manager for StrisimPC & VBS & Crew training in the Development Department of the Land Warfare Center in Skövde. Jakobsson discusses why the Swedish Armed Forces decided to procure the terrain for training and what it provides trainees.