Sep 20
  Sep 20 2016 Press Releases  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Bohemia Interactive Simulations will showcase its latest Virtual Battlespace technologies for virtual reality-based training and image generation at the Australasian Simulation Congress (formerly SimTecT), which will be held in Melbourne, Victoria, from Sept. 26 - 29 at booth 33.
Sep 19
  Sep 19 2016 Event  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
The Australasian Simulation Congress (formerly SimTecT), held from Sept. 26 - 29 in Victoria, Australia, is the simulation industry’s premier conference in Australia and Asia. Bohemia Interactive Simulations is a Gold Sponsor of ASC 2016 and will be demonstrating the latest VBS technologies for virtual reality, game-based simulation and image generation.
Sep 02
  Sep 02 2016 VBS In The News  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Main Post writes about the Bundeswehr's use of VBS3 for troop training at Wildflecken. At the Combat Simulation Center in Wildflecken, military personnel utilize roughly 100 networked computers to conduct battle exercises on a virtual replica of Wildflecken and other virtual terrains.
Aug 18
  Aug 18 2016 VBS In The News  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
The website,, writes about a U.S. GAO report on virtual training system use in the Army, which noted that some trainers find desktop training with VBS more effective than more expensive virtual training systems.
Aug 09
  Aug 09 2016 BISim News  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Bohemia Interactive Simulations announced today that VBS3 v3.9.1 is now available for customers to download. The latest version of VBS3 includes a range of new features, content, updates and bug fixes.
Aug 08
  Aug 08 2016 Dev News  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
See images of a high-detail interior of a Leopard 1A5, developed as an example of the possibilities for model development in VBS3.
Aug 03
  Aug 03 2016 BISim News  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
BISim’s Training Team will offer several new resident courses to meet a wider range of skill levels and experience with VBS3 scripting.
Jun 27
  Jun 27 2016 BISim News  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Nighttime military operations can provide tactical advantages but require specialized training to help avoid friendly fire incidents and civilian casualties. Working closely with a customer operating a Joint Fires Observer training program, Bohemia Interactive Simulations has added new features in the next version of VBS3 to help enable more realistic nighttime operations training and close air support (CAS) coordination training exercises. The following features will be included in VBS3 v3.9.1, which will be available at the end of July.