More High-Detail Upgrades to VBS3 Content

  May 19, 2015 Filed Under BISim News by Bohemia Interactive Simulations

BISim’s Lead Artist Tomas Velebny recently updated VBS3’s skid steer loader vehicle model, applying our new HD standards, physically based rendering and employing Substance Designer and Painter to bring the model to a new level of realism.

VBS2-VBS3 Comparison

“The vehicle was first modeled as a high poly model with more than 5.5 million triangles, then a low poly version was created with 34,000 triangles,” Velebny explained. “PBR shader is wonderful because with metallic texture you can specify areas that look like chrome and areas that look like rubber, all using the same shader. It was very exciting to create this model and to be able to show the full power of VBS.”

According to BISim Director of Art Mark Lacey, these new tools and processes highlight the increased high detail VBS3 supports.

“The improvement in quality is particularly evident when you compare this new model with the previous model in VBS2,” Lacey said. “With these new tools and workflows, artists and content developers can create models that raise the level of immersion users experience.”

The new HD skid-steer will be coming soon to a future version of VBS3.

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3D model Skid Steer layers
3D Model Perspectives


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3D model Skid steer construction site
3D model skid steer with construction worker


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Ryan Manning's picture
May 20, 2015 by Ryan Manning
It's great to see the improvements to the engine to increase fidelity and resolution. However, the PBR/PBS shading model is entirely dependent on the game engine. According to my knowledge, the Real Virtualilty 3 engine does not support PBR/PBS shading models. The methods described by Tomas are certainly on-par with nex-gen asset creation; however, based on current shader capabilities only the diffuse, normal, and AO maps are compatible with the Real Virtualilty 3 engine. I'm curoius what new technology and optimizations you intend on incorporating into the next version of VBS3. Additionally, how well does the model perform in-game (draw calls, texture memory, etc.) to produce the same visual results as posted in this article?
david_dadurka's picture
May 28, 2015 by David Dadurka
Ryan: The skid steer model was made using a full PBR workflow. We have a workflow that then converts the output to our RVMAT materials for use in-game, which means that they are no longer PBR at this stage. We plan on publishing a Tech Note in the near future documenting this workflow. VBS does not yet support PBR in the engine, but we are working on a PBR implementation for future versions of VBS. Thanks again for your questions.

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