Dec 06
  Dec 06 2011 Press Releases  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
MINDEF NL invests in VBS2   Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is very excited to announce that the Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MINDEF NL) has purchased an enterprise license of VBS2! After several years of employing VBS2 at a smaller scale, MINDEF NL is now able to fully leverage game-based capability for training, simulation and development.   The license includes all of the baseline VBS2 products, including:
Dec 01
  Dec 01 2011 Press Releases  by Bohemia Interactive Simulations
Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is excited to announce the opening of its UK office. The new BISim offices will be located at the Farnborough Aerospace Centre. This is already a hub of military simulation and training companies and is within easy reach of main rail and road links. Our UK office will incorporate a development team and training centre, providing an agile team to meet the needs of our key customers and industry partners in the UK. Training will be provided either at the BISim Training Centre or at customer locations around the UK