VBS Gateway is a new, user-friendly gateway application for VBS3, which allows for interoperability using HLA (High-level Architecture) and DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulations) protocol, standards which allow different simulations to “talk” to each other. 
VBS Gateway introduces the ability to make live updates, even in the middle of a training scenario, between entities in VBS3 and other external simulations. VBS Gateway also provides smoother transitions with dead reckoning and offers more stable visualization. In addition, VBS Gateway features user-friendly tools for editing, allowing users to filter and sort entities using human-readable model and class names. 
VBS3 v3.7 and future versions will come standard with VBS Gateway and will automatically connect to other VBS Gateway clients out of the box with no configuration changes. On the right side of this screen, BISim offers free training modules to guide users in optimal use of VBS Gateway. 



Each of the five lessons covering the new VBS3 Gateway module are provided as clickable links to the right. The lessons should be completed in order, as content may refer to material from previous lessons. The lessons are provided as HTML slideshows and interactive Flash formats. For the best results, view the lessons with either Firefox or Internet Explorer on a desktop or laptop computer. You will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed to view Flash-based lessons. 

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