Top Management

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Bohemia Interactive Simulations Group

Arthur joined Bohemia Interactive Simulations in 2013.  He acts as final decision maker on all non-Board matters, interfacing with Riverside (BISim’s majority owner) and setting overall strategy and operational direction.  Arthur is passionate about maximizing the use of VBS, TerraSim products and Bohemia’s newly launched VBS IG product. He is proud of BISim’s ability to deliver innovative and highly cost-effective simulation software solutions for complex training use cases.

Arthur has deep experience in growing entrepreneurial companies and over the past 15 years has been either senior executive or board member in a number of highly successful entrepreneurial enterprises in the media and technology fields. Prior to his first entrepreneurial venture, Arthur worked for McKinsey & Company, the world’s premier consulting firm, and for Price Waterhouse. Arthur has an MBA with distinction from INSEAD France, and a first class mathematics degree from Durham University.

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Bohemia Interactive Simulations Group

Pete began working for BISim in 2005 and became CEO in 2007. As Co-CEO, Pete focuses on the long-term road map of BISim’s product suite, keeping BISim’s organizational focus on end users first at all times.  Pete is an evangelist for the use of game technologies and other COTS-type products and software in the simulation & training industry and believes that VBS and our other products are at the forefront of this movement.

Before BISim, he studied Computer Science and Management at the Australian Defence Force Academy and graduated with first class honors in 2001. Pete had previously graduated from the Royal Military College, Duntroon, into the Royal Australian Signals Corp. Pete served as a Signals Corp Officer for several years, specializing in military simulation, and his final posting was to the Australian Defence Simulation Office (ADSO) as a Project Officer. Pete transferred to the Army Reserves in 2005 and joined Bohemia Interactive Australia as the Lead Developer of Virtual Battlespace 2, a position he held until he became CEO in 2007.

Chief Technical Officer, Bohemia Interactive Simulations Group

Mark is the Chief Technical Officer of the BISim Group and is responsible for delivering the technical solutions to all customer and internally funded development projects within BISim.  He also focuses on the technological advancement of VBS and BISim’s other products, working closely with Co-CEO Pete Morrison to balance technical and customer-facing visions. Mark leads a highly professional group of over 100 technical staff who successfully deliver on challenging tasks to tight deadlines.

Before Mark joined Bohemia Interactive Australia in 2006, he served in the German military for thirteen years, where he received his Doctorate in the field of plasma generation. The main part of his work in the University of Armed Forces Germany was the development of a new plasma generator and plasma diagnostic software. During his time in the German military, Mark recognized the potential of computer game-based training systems and developed a stand-alone Mission After-Action Review System (MARS) for BISim's VBS1 product as well as an HLA/DIS gateway. During this period, Mark also developed a terrain generation tool for Operation Flashpoint / VBS1 named WrpTool, which was later employed by the US-based company BBN to create new terrain for the convoy training application, DARWARS Ambush! 

Chief Financial Officer, Bohemia Interactive Simulations Group
Stephen joined Bohemia Interactive Simulations as Chief Financial Officer in 2015. He oversees the Group’s global financial operations with responsibilities including financial planning, reporting, treasury and tax. Stephen is a senior multinational CFO with over 20 years’ experience building and leading cross-border finance teams, supporting high-growth companies in the technology and telecoms industries. Prior to joining BISim, Stephen has been the CFO at companies addressing markets ranging from identity management to digital TV, and telecommunications to building energy analysis. Before joining his first technology company, Stephen worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Santiago and London, where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Stephen holds a BSc in mathematics from the University of St. Andrews.
President, Americas

Following graduation from the Florida Institute of Technology and an Honorable Discharge from the US Army, John specialized in managing information and security data centers and product development in both the software and hardware domains. John used his experience with information technology, security information management and product development to tackle true Live, Virtual and Constructive integration problems in the military simulation field. John later leveraged his military experience to create a desktop convoy training simulator that was used to augment live exercise management.

John was appointed as President of Bohemia Interactive Simulations Inc., based in Orlando, Florida, in 2010. John is managing the distribution of VBS3 to the US Army, which they have chosen to be the flagship of their five-year Games for Training program.

Senior Management Team

Vice President Sales, EMEA

Rusmat joined BISim in 2014 and leads all sales and business development activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He brings a wealth of business experience in defence, for projects for armies and air forces, and in both civil and military training and simulation.

Following a military flying career, Rusmat worked for Racal and Thales in business development, strategy, and bid and project management roles. He ran business units in civil and military avionics, and was project or operations director on successful, large multi-company projects. Moving increasingly to customer-facing roles, he was a sales director at L-3 before joining BISim. The common thread through all of Rusmat’s customer-facing activities has been to bring innovation and clearer benefits to customers’ global solution needs. Rusmat has an MBA from INSEAD France, and a degree in economics from the University of York.

Vice President, Product Management

Oliver obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with honors before embarking on a highly successful engineering career in the defense industry. Prior to joining the Bohemia Interactive Simulations in 2011, Oliver worked at QinetiQ for seven years in several roles, starting his career as a developer working on vehicle crew system software, before becoming a systems administrator and simulation engineer for QinetiQ and Boeing Defence UK. Oliver then became the lead COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) simulation engineer for QinetiQ working on delivering training to MOD customers using VBS2 and other tools. Oliver’s work with VBS2 ranged from the delivery of in-service training systems, to the development of CCDs (Capability Concept Demonstrators). These CCDs showed the use of VBS2 and other COTS products to deliver training traditionally delivered by high-cost bespoke systems. A constant component of Oliver’s roles was research and development, taking new software and hardware techniques and assessing their suitability in training solutions.

As a result of this work, Oliver was seconded to Niteworks (a UK government research and decision support agency) to work as the Technical Lead on several of the MOD’s training transformation programs which looked at filling training needs using modern COTS-based technology. Oliver established the UK office for Bohemia Interactive with Colin Hillier in October 2011.

Vice President of Corporate Development

Cory joined Bohemia Interactive Simulations to oversee Bohemia’s global OEM strategy. His responsibilities include increasing OEM adoption, industry-driven roadmap definition, building process and systems to facilitate Bohemia’s technology partner collaboration. Prior to Bohemia, Cory spent 5 years as Worldwide Director of M&S of Havok (a commercial video game technology business) where he established and ran a new military & simulation division with responsibility for adapting game-based technologies to the needs of the simulation community.

By 2015, the M&S business grew to over 30% of the global company business serving more than 30 enterprise customers and generating significant revenues for the Havok group. Prior to Havok, Cory was VP of Product Management & Marketing of MASA Group helping productize the company’s artificial intelligence technology, which resulted in substantial global growth.From 2002-2009 he held several related successful product management roles with Biographic, Engenuity & Presagis for COTs (commercial off the shelf) technologies. Cory’s work spans several industries including entertainment, aerospace, defense and he has contributed to a variety of technology awards and patents. Cory is an alumnus of Concordia University having studied computer science and is a certified Product Management & Marketing Professional.

Vice President of Global Programs
Eva serves as Vice President of Global Programs with responsibility for the Global Program Management Office and the overall successful execution of programs for Bohemia Interactive Simulations worldwide. Her areas of responsibility include both customer funded projects and Internal Research and Development (IRAD) projects. Eva joined Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Inc. in 2013 after a successful career with Northrop Grumman where she was instrumental in the development of the United States Air Force Distributed Mission Operations capability, the US Army AH-64A Combat Mission Simulator Upgrade, as well as serving in a variety of leadership roles. Eva has a Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University, a Masters Degree in Engineering Management from the University of Central Florida, is a certified Project Management Professional, and has an extensive background in Lean Six Sigma and Agile Project Management.
Group General Counsel of BISim Group & Managing Director of Bohemia Interactive Australia

Ryan is the Managing Director of Bohemia Interactive Australia (BIA) and also serves in the capacity of General Counsel for the Bohemia Interactive Simulations group of companies. Ryan is an intellectual property and commercial lawyer specializing in technology and media-related work. Having originally trained and worked in the UK, Ryan is also admitted to practice in New South Wales. Ryan has extensive experience as a commercial lawyer in intellectual property-focused environments both as an in-house counsel and in private legal practice.

Ryan spent the first five years of his career as an in-house lawyer for two of Britain’s leading television production companies. Since moving to Australia in early 2003, he has worked both in private legal practice and as in-house counsel, broadening his areas of practice to encompass work in software, technology and new media licensing and exploitation, and honing his existing commercial and IP-related skills and knowledge.

In 2010, Ryan became General Counsel for the Bohemia Interactive Simulations group of companies, and in January 2011 was also appointed as Managing Director for BIA, the Asia-Pacific arm of the group, where he is helping to consolidate and build on the stellar growth and success that Bohemia Interactive Simulations has seen in the past few years.

Office Leads

Technical Director at TerraSim

Earl began his career with BISim in 2004 in Australia, where he worked as a 2D and 3D Artist on VBS1 and soon became Lead Artist for VBS2. When BISim moved to Prague, CZ he followed and transitioned to Project Director and helped lead development projects for VBS2 and VBS3.  Most recently, Earl has moved from Prague to Pittsburgh to take on a new role as Technical Director at TerraSim, Inc., a Bohemia Interactive company.

His work in managing and improving the VBS development tools has provided him with significant experience in terrain generation and 3D modeling. His addition to the TerraSim team is the first step towards a tighter integration between TerraSim and BISim products, which will provide an improved experience for BISim and TerraSim customers alike.

As Technical Director at TerraSim, Earl is charged with overseeing the integration between our two companies as well as working as an intermediary between TerraSim and BISim in joint development projects.

Head of BISim Poland

Maciej graduated from the Royal Military College-Canberra in 1999 and served in the 4/3 Royal New South Wales Regiment. After moving to Europe, he was involved with telecommunication technology working as a product manager and, later, as a technical director in a company specializing in M2M communications. In 2004, he started a manufacturing and distribution business focused on supply of specialized military equipment to Army and Police SF units. Since 2008, he has been involved in distribution of VBS software in Poland, and in 2013 he was selected as the head of BISim Poland office. Working closely with local market leaders in technology, scientific and research institutes and universities, Maciej is responsible for connecting the Polish military community to high-fidelity simulation opportunities offered through VBS.

Key Sales Contacts

Head of Sales Operations

Following graduation from University of New York in Prague in 2003, with a Bachelor of Sciences in Business Administration, Jeremy continued with his professional career working with Prague based technology startups and SME’s. Jeremy joined Bohemia Interactive Simulations as Sales Director in 2010. In 2015, Jeremy took on the new position of Head of Sales Operations. With an ever increasing business development and sales team, Jeremy’s focus is providing optimal and efficient platforms, systems, data management, reporting and processes required to succeed.

Business Development Director, Bohemia Interactive Simulations Inc.

John has 30 years of experience building companies that develop and use innovative technologies in the simulation and training industry. With a focus on virtual environments, John has supported companies developing computer graphics, image generation systems, online virtual worlds, games for training, and geospatial imaging. John started his career as a software engineer working on a DARPA project and Apache simulators. He later transitioned into product marketing and business development for Evans & Sutherland, Silicon Graphics and eventually Forterra Systems who produced online virtual world solutions used for training. Most recently, John supported business development efforts for Dynamics Research Corporation. He has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado and an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird in Glendale, Arizona.