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We offer professional training led by instructors who are well-versed in the best practices for integrating VBS products into military training. During our courses, instructors guide participants through hands-on activities that encourage engagement in learning. Our courses can be taken directly at your location, or in one of our offices. Please ask us for more details.



The VBS3 Administrator Course is the foundation course for all Bohemia Interactive Simulations-developed training. This course introduces instructors and training facilitators to VBS3. This course covers the following topics: VBS3 capabilities, administrator functions, scenario design, and lesson design.

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Scripting Lvl. 1

This course caters to those unfamiliar with scripting concepts and builds upon lessons learned in the Administrator Course. This course will introduce scripting fundamentals and reinforce knowledge and good habits by developing practical examples that are added to the Offline Mission Editor (OME).

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Scripting Lvl. 2

This course continues to expand on scripting capabilities by introducing students to the use of external files, how to control the flow of execution, how to respond to user input and engine events, and touches on elements of file writing and video production.

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Scripting Lvl. 3

This course takes students familiar with the Scripting Level Two concepts and uses those skills to develop configured plugins to utilize them. This brings students up to a level where they understand many basic Designer-level methods of adding new content and functionality into VBS3.

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Model Rigging and Import

Rigging and Import is specifically aimed at model development within the VBS3 Developer Suite. You may already be an experienced 3D artist in Maya, 3DSmax, Modo, or any number of other modelling packages, but to import your model into VBS3 requires an understanding of the proprietary tools, workflow, and techniques required to set up and rig a model for use in VBS3.

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Terrain Generation

VBS3 terrain development gives students the skills to create their own terrains and populate them with VBS3’s vast content library using our proprietary tools. Students will be able to create geo-typical data from generic sources or geo-specific terrain from restricted data for use with their own organization or government.

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Generate custom VBS3 and Scripting scenarios for integrator use. VBS3 Admin and Scripting skills are taught as a foundation (geared to a specific customer project). The remaining time is spent on aspects relevant to the customer’s specific project, designed to meet client objectives within scope of learning outcome.

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BISim offers training courses at our facilities in the US, the Czech Republic and Australia on a recurring basis year round.

Attending training courses at BISim training facilities also can provide opportunities to interact with trainees from other companies as well as speak with our developers, who are eager to hear customer feedback about how they can continue to improve VBS software.


For 2020, the following courses are scheduled:

Orlando Office (USA)

August 31 – September 4: VBS3 Administrator Course

September 14 - 18: NEW! VBS4 Administrator Course

December 9 – 13: VBS3 Administrator Course

Prague Office (CZ)

Nov. 9 – 13: NEW! VBS4 Administrator Course

Williamtown Office (AUS)

October 21 – 25: Integrator Course

If you’d like to sign up for the courses or want more information, contact our team.

Please note, the scheduled times are currently tentative due to the COVID-19 situation around the world. Government regulations about travel and other restrictions are evolving and might have an impact on scheduled course dates. For more details about a time you are interested in, please get in touch!

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BISim’s expert trainers will come directly to your facilities to conduct classes. We offer professional training led by instructors who are well-versed in the best practices for integrating Virtual Battlespace into military training.

Contact our sales team to inquire about prices and to schedule on-site training.

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