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VBS Blue: Stunning, Geo-specific Virtual World Rendering

Jul 24, 2017

BISim continues to add advanced capabilities to VBS Blue, its innovative new whole-earth rendering engine.

VBS Blue ingests a wide range of source data and renders high-fidelity, high-performance scenes from space down to blades of grass.

In the first video on the right, we show geo-specific scenes generated rapidly in VBS Blue. We are leveraging TerraTools technology for rapid, easy-to-use planetary terrain generation and editing. 

The first application based upon VBS Blue - VBS Blue IG  - will be released later this year.

VBS Blue IG is a CIGI-compliant image generator that allows any CIGI-compliant simulation host (including VBS3) to leverage VBS Blue for visualization. The video below shows an F/A-18 in VBS Blue IG (driven by the Flex-Air simulation host) engaging VBS3 targets.

VBS Blue IG will be available at the end of 2017 and provided to existing VBS IG customers as part of normal updates.

Below are a few recent enhancements to the VBS Blue engine:

Sensor Solution

BISim has implemented a standalone DLL component for sensor simulations including night vision and thermal imaging. In VBS Blue, because of this standalone implementation, sensors function as external components and allows for developers  to incorporate their own proprietary sensor simulations.

The Coast is Clear

BISim developers have created a new water plugin for VBS Blue that provides highly accurate coasts, rivers and other water features. The improved data is included in the VBS Blue baseline.

Adding More Detail

Within VBS Blue, BISim has added soil maps that adds extra layers of macro detail and more accurate color to the terrain.

At ground level, we’ve added more detailed surface textures for greater realism. Our team also has implemented per-pixel shading for vegetation in VBS Blue to provide increased precision and detail in the visual scene.  

See the latest demos of VBS Blue and VBS Geo at BISim’s booth #45 at the Australasian Simulation Congress, Aug. 28 - 30, in Sydney, Australia.