Saab Launches BattleTek 5, integrated with VBS3

  May 26, 2017 Filed Under VBS In The News by Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Saab VBS3 virtual military training

Saab Grintek introduced BattleTek 5, its constructive simulation system, at ITEC 2017 in Rotterdam. The command and staff training system has been integrated with VBS3 and has been used by the South African National Defence Force.

According to an article in Jane's 360, Saab's BattleTek "provides an immersive experience for commanders using an Oculus Rift head-mounted display, enabling them to view the battlespace in a virtual environment." Saab's BattleTek was also featured in Shephard Media's coverage of ITEC.

Watch a video interview with Saab representatives here


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