BISim offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge technology suite for a broad range of multi-domain training uses. At I/ITSEC 2019, visit BISim’s booth 2534 to see live combined arms demonstrations of VBS4, our next generation whole-earth virtual desktop trainer and simulation host.
With the release of VBS3 v19.1, BISim introduced a Call for Fire module with a simulated fire direction center to enable forward observers and fire support team members to train on call-for-fire procedures. Watch a video tutorial on how the new module works.
VBS Blue IG, Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ high-performance, whole-earth image generator software, was recently integrated as part of Bugeye Technologies Inc.’s delivery of Reconfigurable Virtual Cockpit Trainers (RVCT) to the U.S. Army PEO-STRI in Orlando for evaluation as part of the Synthetic Training Environment (STE) OTA1.
Today, BISim hosted the 3rd annual Defence Virtual Simulation (DVS) User Day at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom with over 80 participants from the UK MOD and industry. DVS is the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) common tool providing interoperable, accessible and deployable simulation capabilities. DVS is delivered by BISim in the form of VBS3 and enables simulated activity across all levels of training, including live and virtual simulation, education and experimentation. Demos and presentations were provided for air, land and maritime use cases, including VR and MR.
Over the past year, BISim has developed a partnership with simulation innovators CM Labs Simulations to bring a high-physical-fidelity driver and vehicle crew training solution to defense and military customers. This plugin for VBS3 and future VBS versions, Vortex Studio for VBS, is a groundbreaking development in military training simulations that offers an enhanced simulated-vehicle training experience. Recently, BISim spoke with CM Labs’ Chief Commercial Officer Arnold Free about this new tool, CM Labs’ simulation technology and how the two software suites enhance each other.